Our Story

Our name, Imperfect Penelopy, comes from a common stigma that is found among mothers...that feeling like everything should be absolutely perfect all the time. In other words, every mom should be “super-mom”. We’re here to tell you that it’s ok to be imperfect. Kids need to be kids, and moms and dads should understand that it is ok if the dishes aren’t done and the house isn’t picked up. The name Penelopy is a crazy, cute, wild & fun girl’s name, and we offer burp cloths and bib sets that are just that...crazy, cute, fun, and wild. 

Most companies with burp cloths on the market are using cotton, muslin, or a combination of the two in layers. What sets us apart from all of them is that we are the only company using microfiber terry cloth. Each of our boxed sets includes 4 burp cloths, each one double-sided with a unique pattern (8 stylish patterns per box set!), and includes a coordinating bib. This fabric is so unique and offers all of the necessary qualities that moms and dads need in a burp cloth including being ultra-absorbent, soft, and also quick to dry.

Our products have captured the attention of many mommy bloggers and small retail stores who love them. Get your set today and buy one for a friend as well, letting them know that it is perfectly fine to be imperfect!